With rising costs of household bills such as electricity, gas, and oil, now is the perfect time to invest in a Wood Burning Stove.

You can browse our varied selection of free-standing and cassette wood burning stoves on our website Stovefit.ie.

It may be classed as a luxury item but investing in a Wood Burning stove will lower your annual running costs associated with home heating.

It is cheaper to run than gas and electric heating systems.

A 1.2 metre crate of Kiln dried wood will cost on average €265 and will last the whole winter season. Although prices are increasing all the time it is still the better option in the long run.

An annual service including chimney sweep is also recommended if the stove is being used frequently.

What effect will this have on the environment?

Replacing your open fire or old stove with an Eco Design ready stove will reduce emissions by almost 45%.

Most energy sources have a negative effect on the environment, but wood is a renewable and sustainable source of energy.

According to the Stove Industry Alliance an Eco Design Ready stove emits 90% fewer emissions than an open fire and 80 % compared to a traditional stove.

The design reduces the amount of smoke and increases its burning efficiency, creating more heat with less fuel used and less emissions going into the environment.

Here are some examples of Eco Design Ready Wood Burning Stoves.

The Eco Design Ready Bassington 5kw in Warm White with Skirted Legs available to view in our Stovefit Stoveshop.

The Eco Design Ready Fireline 5kw Cassette Stove in matt black finish. Available to view in our Stovefit Stoveshop.

The Eco Design Ready Westfire Uniq 37 Pedestal Stove with side glass. Available to view in our Stovefit Stoveshop.

The Woodtec Stove 5 Wide in matt black. Available to view in our Stovefit Stoveshop.