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Stove Warranty Details

Manufacturer warranties do not usually include parts deemed to be replaceable in the normal usage of the stove, such as stove glass, door rope seal and fire brick linings. Your warranty may be invalidated by incorrect installation or use of the stove.

Legal guarantee

The specifications, dimensions and information shown on our documents are provided for information purposes only and under no circumstances are binding upon the vendor. With the aim of constantly improving our equipment, all modifications considered as necessary by our departments may be made without notice. The provisions of the present guarantee certificate are not excluding or limiting the owner of the equipment’s rights, concerning the legal guarantee regarding faults or hidden vices which applies in all circumstances, in the conditions detailed in articles 1641and following of the civil code, and in the country in which the equipment was purchased.

Contractual guarantee

Our equipment is guaranteed against faults and hidden vices subject to the following conditions:

  1. Installation and adjustment of the device by a professional installer.
  2. Observance of the instructions provided in our technical documents and our installation/adjustment instructions.
  3. The installation, use and maintenance of the device carried out in conformity with the applicable standards and legislation, and with the indications provided in the technical instructions accompanying the device.
  4. This guarantee covers the replacement, in our factory, of parts recognised as being defective from the outset by our “Guarantee Inspection” Department. Carriage and labour is at the user’s cost. Moreover, if the repair or replacement of parts covered by the guarantee is found to be too costly vis-à-vis the price of the appliance, the decision to replace or repair the appliance will be taken by the vendor.

Our guarantee period varies for all appliances, excluding the following:

  1. Indicator lights, fuses, electrical elements, and fans.
  2. Parts subject to wear or in contact with high temperatures namely: soles and burner grills, bottom plates baffles, ash pans, paintwork and surface treatments for decorative parts. Also excluded from this guarantee are seals and windows.
  3. Any damage which may result from the use of the appliance with a fuel other than that stipulated in our instructions.
  4. Damage occurring to parts caused by elements outside the appliance (down draught, storm damage, damp, abnormal pressure or vacuum, heat shocks, etc.).
  5. Damage to electrical parts caused by plugging in and using the appliance on a mains system, the voltage of which (measured at the entrance to the appliance) is 10% above or below the nominal voltage of 220 V.

Exclusion of liability

In the case of a product manufactured at the client’s request, under no circumstances may we, as a subcontractor, be considered liable vis-a-vis the client or third parties for defects arising from the installation or a design fault with the item in question.

Bespoke items made to specification, personalised goods, Special Orders or goods or materials cut to length, are excluded from the right to return. A restocking fee of up to 100% for other items may apply.

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